Teaching Jympa Intensive

“I love the idea behind Friskis&Svettis, there is something for everyone and you can start at a very young age and continue all your life. I love being an instructor and seeing the energy in the room once the music is on. Together everyone in the room create the class and make it fun. I’m there to inspire you to move and have fun!”
Our instructor Charlotte
Our instructor Jenny


Teaching Jympa Medium

“The first time I went to a Friskis Jympa class I found a joy and energy from training that I had never experienced before. It was challenging, fun and, most of all, sweaty. I felt happy, positive and energies after each class. Since that long-ago-day I have tried many different types of training, sports and activities, but I have yet to find the same rush and joy from training that I get from a Friskis Jympa class.”


Teaching Jympa Medium

“I love the positive energy rush of a Swedercise class: great exercise, great music, great fun and very inclusive so people can come and let their hair down. I want my classes to be tough, energetic and motivating with a clin d’oeil and a big smile. I try to select music with a clear beat, be it chart toppers, world music, rock classics or dance music.”

Our instructor Johan
Our instructor Maria


Teaching Jympa Medium

“What I like with Friskis&Svettis is that it is for everyone. You can come as you are, no special clothes or equipment is required, and you can adjust the movements so it fits you and how you feel today. It´s fun but yet challenging and you walk away with a smile on your face.”


Teaching Jympa Medium

“Friskis is for me the best workout as it combines all the things I love: moving around, exercising, dancing, music, sociability and much more. I am still amazed how happy and energetic I feel after each class. I really enjoy sharing this experience as an instructor on the gym floor.”

Our instructor Valerie