1. Base your feet on the ground and extend your back. Take a deep breath. Open up your chest, bring your arms up (like the letter Y), lower your arms and exhale.
2. Roll down with the knees slightly bent, relax in your shoulders. Take a deep breath and come up with your back straight and horizontal.
3. Place your hands on your legs with the knees slightly bent. Broaden your chest, extend the back, take a deep breath and stand upright.
4. Take a big step back with one leg. Inhale and open up your chest and hip sideways. Exhale and bend the front leg. Place same side's forearm against the hip and bring the other arm up on the diagonal. Thereafter, if you want, bring the second arm up as well. 
5. Rotate the hip and upper body forward and lower your upper body softly over the front leg with the hands on the ground. Inhale, bring the hands to your thigh, extend your back and exhale. Continue to an upright position. Bring the other leg forward so both feet are parallel. 

6. Take a couple of deep breaths, press the feet towards the ground and extend your back. Preferably, place the hands on your stomach and chest, to feel the breaths with your hands.

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