1. Foot strength

It´s easy to forget the feet but they are playing a very important role in order to create a good running stride. Walk on your toes or do calf raises. That will strengthen the joints and muscles around your feet and the calves. Variation: jog on your toes. 

2. Jogging with kick-backs

Functional strength exercises in order to get a better running stride, reduce the risk of injuries and become a stronger runner. Perfect as a warm-up before you start to run. Combine with high knees. 

3. Lunges

A simple and efficient exercise for the whole lower body. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Take a big step forward and think that you are stepping on a rail, not a tightrope. Keep your chest up and activate your core. Come down to around 90 degrees in the front knee and push yourself up. Alternate this exercise with Lunge Jumps changing legs. It helps you strengthen up your hamstrings and challenge your balance. 

4. Ostrich walk

Mobility exercise that strengthen the hamstrings. Let your arms hang towards the ground and keep your legs straight. See the movie below. 

5. Bear walk

Fun exercise that works on your whole body. Both feet and hands on the ground and the the buttock pointing up. Walk forward on your hands and feet. 

6. Dynamic plank

Work on your core strength with different versions of the plank. Place yourself in a plank position with straight arms. Bring one knee towards the elbow while making a push-up. Another option is to stand in a plank position and run with your knees towards your stomach. 

Watch the whole workout session (Text in Swedish):

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